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第一百三十五章 人性!

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"Xiao Jing, I believe you, how do you want to deal with these two garbage, as long as you say, I will help you solve it." Beitanghuo said softly.


Just now, a strong outburst of anger broke out in his heart. At the same time, some other ideas emerged in his heart. Beitangjing is an ordinary person after all. The ordinary people have an ordinary life. Although he couldn't help wanting to bake the two garbage into slag, he could not help but suppress it.


"Hey, damn kid, who are you talking about as garbage? Go away and talk nonsense in his mother's mouth. Believe it or not, Lao Tzu cut off your little man."


"Get out!" Beitang turned round fiercely, shouted furiously, and a terrible ferocity burst out in his eyes. The man with the angry triangular eyes across the street saw Beitang fire's eyes, and a strong sense of fear surged into his heart. His limbs were soft and his buttocks were sitting on the ground, and his teeth were shaking with fear.


Surrounding people looked at the triple-eyed man who fell on the ground in surprise. The triple-eyed man was also a hegemony in the whole community. All day long, he did some things to molest women by stealing chickens and dogs. However, because he knew some people on the street, no one dared to deal with him. Unexpectedly, he was now a teenager of 167. The words frighten the direct leg soft.


"How did you come here?" Beitang looked at Beitang Fire in surprise and said with a strong laugh on his face, "You still don't care about this matter. I can handle it."


I don't know why, Beitang Jing saw Beitang Fire, and a sense of security emerged in her heart. It was like finding a dependence. Her eyes kept wanting to shed tears of grievance. The sense of security seemed that any difficulty Beitang Fire could be solved for her, but Beitang Jing, who had a strong nature, was still a strong decision-maker. It has been solved.


"Well, then you can solve it by yourself. Just remember that no matter what you do, don't compromise yourself. You can rest assured that no matter what decision you make, I will support you." Looking at the stubborn Beitang Quiet, Beitang Fire seems to see that he did not regenerate Python before, he was also very stubborn and strong at that time, everything wants to solve by himself, according to their own wishes to do.


"Well!" Beitangjing nodded with a slight smile on her face. The arrival of Beitanghuo made her feel as if she had the heart and soul. The self-confidence of a stewardess came back to her again.


"Dead ghost, what's wrong with you? Hey, say a word!" The mad woman shook her face in panic and shook the triangular-eyed man with a dull look. She stood up in panic and looked at Beitang angrily and scolded, "What on earth have you done to my man, you two adulterers and adulterers? I'm going to sue you."


Speaking of the mad woman, she waved her long nail claws and scratched toward the Beitang fire. If it hadn't been for the silence of Beitang, Beitang fire would have unloaded eight pieces of this mad woman, and there were silk killers springing up in her eyes, looking at the mad woman who rushed up with a cold look.


"Drink!" In Beitanghuo's astonished eyes in China, Beitang stepped forward quietly to the mad woman's side, then grabbed her arm with one hand and her waist with the other hand, which seemed to be a weak body, and threw the fat mad woman over her shoulder in a standard rotation.


"Ah ah! Help!!!! The mad woman waved her claws in horror and flew forward. At this moment, the man with triangular eyes who had been frightened excessively by the momentum of Beitang Fire finally recovered. As soon as she was awake, she saw a dark shadow coming from the sky. Then the tragic man with triangular eyes felt only a pain and went to tea with Zhou Gong again.


"Aren't you going to call the police? Let's call the police." Beitang Quietly threw out the mad woman, took a few deep breaths, and said with a cold and firm look.


In the past, because she lived in a building after all, she had endured it again and again. Now, because Beitanghuo is here, she can not help but get up and show her stubbornness as a Beitangjia.


Beitanghuo looked at the confident Beitangjie in front of him, and felt a sense of relief. At the same time, he was glad for his decision. If he just took the initiative to eradicate these two garbage or disable them, then Beitangjie's character would still be that kind of tolerance, which would only give her a sense of dependence.


The Chinese people's lively spirit is incomparable in other countries. While waiting for the arrival of the police, none of them left. Some of them took stools out of their rooms and sat down to watch the bustle.


After the shoulder fall just now, the mad woman's quiet look at Beitang also increased a little fear, did not continue to use her wolf-like claws, holding the triangle-eyed man who passed out again, looked at Beitang quietly with a strange look.


The police in Kyoto are fairly efficient. Ten minutes after dialing the alarm phone, they came to the front of the building in Chaoyang District amid a loud siren. The crowd around them dispersed to the surrounding area with great interest. Two policemen in bad uniform walked in and out.


"What's the matter? Who's calling?" The policeman looked in the direction of the mad woman and shouted with an ugly look.


"It's my police, I'm going to tell them!" Beitang Jing came out of the crowd and pointed to the mad woman and said loudly.


The mad woman sniffed at the words with a sarcastic look. She pointed angrily at the fire in Beitang Hall and said to the policeman with tears of sorrow: "Cousin, you must catch her and the boy. They beat me in public, and you see your brother-in-law has been confused by them."


Police A just saw the mad woman, at this time to see the coma past triangle-eyed man, the look can not help but cool down, eyes flashed a fierce look.


Police A came to Beitang quietly and said coldly, "Now I'm going to arrest you for assaulting others. I hope you can cooperate. “


"Why, it is her husband's intention to insult me, she just came up to fight us first, I just fight back in self-defence." Beitang pointed at the mad woman angrily and said.


"I didn't see what happened just now. Now I only see that someone on the other side has passed out in a coma. You'd better go back to the bureau with me and talk about these things." Police A ignored Beitang Jing's words, reached out and took out a pair of handcuffs from his arms, and copied them to Beitang Jing's hands.


"What are you doing? Why do you catch me?" Beitang Jing thought that he had not violated the law. He retreated backwards and dodged the handcuffs of police armour. He asked angrily.


"If you refuse to arrest, don't blame my men for their mercilessness." The policeman flashed a trace of violence in his armor eyes and sneered and put the handcuffs back in his pocket.


"Triangle eyes do as you usually do clearly, just now we all see the situation in the eyes, you give me a comment, who is the fault in the end." Beitangjing did not answer the words of policeman A. He was very clever to shout at the crowd around him, hoping to clarify the truth for himself by the strength of the masses.


Just now, a lot of people who watched enthusiastically heard the words of Beitang Jing, all of them were silent. The crowd began to disperse slowly. No one was willing to clarify the truth for Beitang Jing.


Just now the mad woman called police officer a cousin, the relationship between the two is relatives, police officer a is obviously in the shelter of their relatives, this time out to identify and clarify Beitang Jing, will surely lead to their own body, the fear of the police in their hearts, so that they dare not speak the truth.


"What's the matter with you? Just now it's clear that they bullied Xiaojing. Why don't you come out and clarify it?" The old man who had just spoken said angrily to the people around him.


"I can prove that the triangle eye bullies Xiaojing first. You can't catch Xiaojing back. You should catch the couple with the triangle eye." The old man was leaning on a crutch and said angrily to the policeman.


"Old lady, there is nothing for you here. Old eyes are dizzy. You know what, and then you've caught me with you." The policeman said with an unhappy look and took out his baton and walked quietly towards Beitang.

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