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第一百四十八章 相互挤压!

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Looking at Ji Meier, who came down behind the Beitang Fire, especially her long wet hair, the experienced Shudare immediately guessed the truth of the matter and unconsciously showed a flicker of lustful smile on her lips.


Ji Meier, who was following the fire in Beitang, felt nervous when she saw the comfortable courage on the first floor.


Shu Gang's fierce image, as well as the lewd smile on the corners of her mouth, hardly looks like a good person in any way. If it weren't for Beitanghuo, Ji Meier would almost shout again.


In addition to Beitanghuo, which is quite normal, the little devil is also wrapped in black clothes, and his height is less than 1.5 meters, which looks very strange. It reminds Ji Meier of the evil wizards that often appear in the movies, and frightens her to flee.


In the villa, even if she knew they had no malice, Ji Meier felt a little scared.


In the evening, Beitangjing returned to the villa with some fearful Ji Meier. After knowing that Beitanghuo was going to live here, Beitangjing was very happy and hurried to tidy up several other vacant rooms.


Originally, even if she lived in a villa with Ji Meier, she felt a little empty. Now the arrival of Beitanghuo made her feel at ease all of a sudden.


The mood of Beitang Fire, which was very upset because of the sudden attack of the Confederation of Practitioners, was much better after seeing the joyful look of Beitang Jing.


At dinner that day, Beitanghuo led people to rub a meal well in the hotel. Of course, the poor little monster was ordered to guard the villa by Beitanghuo because of his special status. He cursed until Beitanghuo came back for dinner and stopped complaining after destroying a lot of food brought back by Beitanghuo.


Compared with the lively and happy Beitanghuo and others, the parliamentary Hall of the Union of True Men is silent and depressed, and the room is full of tension.


A powerful momentum emanates from all of us here. If ordinary people are in it, they will faint in a few seconds.


"Kunlun, give me a comment on why only Xuan Tianzi came back in this operation and the others were killed by the monster. And why did the monster find the existence of the battle and suppress it with a strange and powerful battle method?" Yu Nan looked at Kunlun with a grim face, and pointed at him with a forceful manner.


"Amitabha, don't be angry with the Emperor of Yunan Heaven. Let's listen to the explanations of the Emperor of Kunlun. I believe that the Emperor of Kunlun will not do anything harmful to the unity of the alliance of practitioners at this time." The merciful monk opened his mouth with a kind look.


"Dead old bald donkey, it's not a fucking thing." In Kunlun's heart, he cursed himself that what he had just said seemed to be speaking for him to ease the tension. In fact, what he had just said was obviously to provoke alienation, saying that he had bad intentions and intentionally let people of other sects die.


"You guys, the Kunlun faction has a certain responsibility for this. We are willing to take these responsibilities, but for other things, the Kunlun faction will not be a big package. This time, I believe you all know why the monster found the existence of the battle. I don't know, maybe. It's this monster that has a super-strong sense."


Speaking of this, Kunlun looked around and saw the pressing eyes of other factions around him. Kunlun said calmly, "As for why only Tianxuanzi came back alone, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it. You also saw that Tianxuanzi was seriously injured by his hands. Even if he could be cured, his practice would decline very much. Many, do you think that we Kunlun faction will sacrifice a master who is hopeful to advance to Jindan period for some unknown things?


Hearing Kunlun's words, the people who were angry and dissatisfied did feel this way.


Peak of the heart is a big pillar for every school. If the Kunlun faction did that, the sacrifice would be a little too big. Moreover, when the situation was chaotic, it would not benefit the Kunlun faction much.


Now everyone's common enemy is the devil Tao and the monster. Once the alliance of practitioners is defeated, the Kunlun faction will bear the brunt of the devastating blow.


"You guys, it's not time to discuss these things, but how to deal with what happens next." Kunlun said solemnly, "The monster's strength is beyond everyone's expectation, especially his weird and powerful tactics, which can suppress and eventually destroy the Great Front of the Goddess Voldemort. We can see that this battle is extraordinary. This is not good news for us. Recently, the movement of the Magic Way has become more and more frequent. According to the feedback from all over the country, the strength of the magic Tao in China is in a foolish mood. It seems that the magic Tao, which has been silent for decades, is about to launch major actions. What you should be concerned about now is these things.


"Are they still able to turn the world upside down? Just the mountain protection battles of all our factions can make the magic way helpless. The magic way is not enough to worry about, just need to support each other in time, this time just can take the opportunity to wipe out the magic way at one stroke." Royal South Heaven said fiercely, arrogant look did not put the evil way in the eyes at all.


"Amitabha Buddha, this time the devil's way seems to be ready to come, although the strength of the devil's way is weak, but we still have to be careful." Said the merciful monk calmly.


"The Master said it is reasonable that this time the action of the Magic Way seems to be somewhat unusual. If attacked by the Magic Way, we must send messages to all factions at the first time, so that we can not only rescue in time, but also grasp the track route of the Magic Way." Kunlun said with a slightly solemn look that the other clan leaders in this room could not help nodding their heads. They are different from the three main factions with strong strength. They are worried about the attack of the magic Tao. Kunlun's words undoubtedly reassure them a lot.


When Yunantian saw the look of the clan lords around him, he could not help feeling angry. He lost his brother Yupei by rounding up Beitanghuo. He planned to take the opportunity to crush the Kunlun Mountains. Unexpectedly, he escaped and won the support of other clan lords.


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