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第一百四十六章 出水芙蓉!

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In the twinkling room, Beitang Fire entered the villa, and Shu Gang was not found in a messy hall. It was too hard to find it. Beitang Fire closed its eyes directly, and the whole villa was shrouded in divinity.


A smile appeared on the face of Beitang Fire. The blue light flashed and the shape of Beitang Fire disappeared. In a twinkling of an eye, it appeared in Shugan's bedroom and came to the bedside of the big bed in the middle of the bedroom.


"Bang bang!" Beitang fire kicked the edge of the bed with its feet and cried out funnily, "Boy, get out of here quickly, thanks to your imagination, and even get here."


Hearing the words of Beitang fire, there was a silence under the bed, and then there was a rapid crawling sound. In a twinkling of an eye, a head came out from under the bed and saw the bedding meeting ahead. Shu dared to feel sad for a while.


"Whoop, boss, you're here at last. I thought you abandoned me."


Shu Gang, with a runny nose and tears, climbed up from the ground. Opening his hands, he would give Beitang Fire a deep embrace. After seeing the cold eyes of Beitang Fire, he did not dare to do so.


"Your kid can really find a place. Why don't you get into the toilet? It's harder to find out." Beitanghuo said angrily that he had decided to teach him well. If other practitioners also searched with divinity, even if they drilled into the wall, they could pick it out for you.


"I'd like to, but the toilet is too small to get in." Shu Gan answered shamelessly and weakly.


".............................. "."


"Howl, the great Monkey has arrived at last. What about the bad guys? I want them to know how good Monkey is." Monkey, the little monster, emerged from the void, roared and looked around in a posed manner, a gesture of desperation if he found the enemy.


"Little devil, I know you're coming, so I've left you a heart-beating practitioner. You can get rid of him quickly." Beitanghuo looked at the arrogant little monster and said with a light look.


The roaring little monster immediately did not appear as arrogant as before. He quickly came to Beitanghuo and shouted with words: "How can the great Monkey do such things? These things should be done by the servant. I dare you to get rid of that fellow quickly."


After these days together, the little devil also knows how to divide the realm of truth-fixing. With his current strength at most, that is, to build the base period, if the man of truth-fixing in the upper heart period, unless he runs away, he will surely have no good results to eat.


"Who is your servant? Shu Dare only listens to the eldest man of Beitanghuo." Shu dare to hear a three-foot-high bounce back, idle when nothing happens, they often fight each other, in the past because of the small devil's force, Shu dare has not won, now there is the North Tang fire to support, of course, he is not compromised to launch a fight back.


"I'm so angry that you dare not listen to the orders of the great Monkey. You wait for me." The little monster looked at Shu Gang with a bad look, and his small eyes were rolling around, wondering what bad eyes he was thinking about.


Beitanghuo on one side ignored these two living treasures directly. This time, the little devil notified him beforehand, which was a great achievement. Shu Gang was implicated by him again. So Beitanghuo did not blame the two for their attitude.


"You can't live here anymore, Shu Gang. Do you have any other property in Kyoto?" Looking at the dilapidated villa, Beitang said helplessly.


"Ah!" Shu Gang, who was thinking about how to defend himself against the attack of the little devil, quickly opened his mouth and said, "Boss, didn't you buy a villa over there from Tianqi Conservatory of Music? We just can't live there directly. The environment in that place is good, and it's close to Tianqi Conservatory of Music. I heard that there are some beautiful women in that institute. Hey hey!!!!


The little devil next to

saw Shu Dun's lustful smile and showed his scornful look. In the heart, he despised the sense of beauty of Shu dun. Those women who felt that they were beautiful women did not look as good as a pig in his eyes.


Hearing Shu Gang's words, Beitang's eyes brightened, of course, not because of the words behind the lewd Shu Gang, but because it happened to have an excuse to live quietly with Beitang.


After thinking about it for a while, Beitanghuo finally decided to go to the villa next to Tianpai Conservatory of Music. Before that, of course, we should dress up the little devil well and dress him directly as an Indian resident. In the resentment of the little devil, we drove a sports car to the villa close to Tianpai Conservatory of Music.


After the battle with the practitioners, when Beitang Fire drove to the villa, the sky had brightened, the rising sun emitted warm light, showing the vitality and youth of the morning.


In order to visit Beitanghuo frequently, Beitanghuo left a key in his hand, opened the door of the villa, led the little devil and Shudare into the villa.


In the villa, under the quiet arrangement of Beitang, it looks particularly neat, giving a fresh feeling. According to the understanding of Beitang's quiet habits, now she should have breakfast and go to school, so Beitang fire goes directly to the vacant room on the second floor.


Just arrived at the second floor, the pace of Beitang Fire walking stopped. A calm and even cold Beitang Fire, the breath of which appeared a bit confused, the heartbeat could not help accelerating.


Despite the rebirth of pythons in Beitang, he has not changed his aesthetics. He still feels that human women are more beautiful than monsters and beasts. Whether it is the white skin, the high chest, and the pale red lips, even cold-blooded pythons will feel some blood boiling.


Now Beitang Fire is a little hot blood boiling, in front of him is a beautiful water lotus scene, a long wet hair, because just after the bathing relationship, emitting a fresh breath, if that is, it certainly can not cause Beitang Fire such a big reaction.


Perhaps because of the surprise of seeing the Beitang Fire suddenly, the towel in the woman's hand, after seeing the Beitang Fire, opened her palm directly. The pink towel lost its upward power and fell to the ground instantly under the pull of gravity.


The tender white skin, the tall and erect chest, the slender waist and limbs, and the dark forest beneath them, especially the two bright red spots in the towering place, may be due to the stimulus of the air temperature outside, showing a standing state, so that to see the scene of Beitang Fire is a kind of impulse to touch the nose.


"Ah!" The acutely painful sound of eardrum rings through the villa, even in the northern Hall of fire system, but also feel the buzzing of ears, the first floor of Shudar and the little devil is scared to almost sit on the ground.


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