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第一百四十三章 破阵!

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While these masters of the right path are competing for each other's benefit, they do not know that a crisis is brewing for them.


The figure of Beitanghuo shuttles constantly around the villa. Every time it arrives at a fixed location, it shoots out a poisonous lottery with ten thousand poisonous lottery. In a twinkling of an eye, all twelve lottery with ten thousand poisonous lottery with ten thousand poisonous lottery are installed.


After installing the Dutian Wandu Banner just now, Beitanghuo found that the other party's battle method was laid out by thirty-six true builders during the construction period. These people's repairs were not many, not many of them just in the early stage of the construction of the foundation.


The power of this battle can be seen from the carefulness of the arrangement, but unfortunately, today we met the stars of Dutian.


"To die in the roar of the Devil of Dudu!" Beitanghuo whispered in his heart that his hands were quickly knotted with fingerprints. At the same time, his mind was connected with the twelve poisonous banners of the stars, and the inner magic was constantly pouring into the fingerprints.


Once the fingerprints are displayed, even Beitang Fire can not hide the fluctuation of energy. They are immediately sensed by the revisionists who surround the villa. These people are also very vigilant. After sensing the fluctuation of energy, they have opened the Sky Binding Magic Matrix without thinking about it.


A strange force will completely wrap the villa, from the outside can not feel the strength of the battle, but the sensitive North Tang fire clearly felt that the space around the villa is slightly distorted.


Handprints in the cold look of Beitang fire into a Dutian Star poisonous cocktail, a moment of twelve Dutian Star poisonous cocktail emitted a black light, the light interwoven together will be outside the villa of the Tianzhan magic array enveloped, a counter-encirclement.


At the moment of being wrapped up by the devouring soul of the capital stars, Xuanzi's face changed slightly more than a dozen miles away from the villa area.


He has something here that senses the Great Game of Volcanoes. Once the Great Game of Volcanoes is opened, he can get the sensation here. Just now, he clearly senses that the Great Game of Volcanoes is opened, and then he loses the sensation.


"No, it looks like something's going on in the villa area. Let's hurry up." Xuan Tianzi sacrificed his magic weapon and hurriedly shouted to the people beside him. In addition to the instant breaking of the battle method, the situation just now was blocked by something. Whatever the reason, Xuan Tianzi was somewhat disturbed.


Seeing Xuan Tianzi's nervous expression, Royal Peerless did not care to sarcasm him at this time, but also hastily sacrificed his magic weapon and quickly followed it up.


The benefits of this event are related to the whole alliance of practitioners, and the greatest of them is the Emperor Jianzhong, so of course, the Emperor does not want to have any problems.


With the revision of the peak of the hearts of the people, soon came to the villa area over the sky. What they saw was a huge black light mask. From the black light mask, they could see the light of the Sky Voldemort Array which they were trying to resist.


Beitang Fire in the battle line senses the arrival of many practitioners in the distance, and a cruel smile spreads from the corners of his mouth.


Just take this opportunity to crack down on the alliance of practitioners. Five practitioners at the peak of their late hearts, together with 36 practitioners at the foundation stage, should be considered as a great blow.


The defensive force of Tiangu Binding Magic Matrix is very strong, but Beitanghuo is not worried. The reason why Tianxing Wandu Banner is called Wandu Banner is not to be pleasant to hear.


In addition to the poison of Beitang Fire itself and the blessing of Dutian Devil, the poison in Dutian Star Banner is no longer a general poison, but a special energy, which is more powerful than the general strong poison.


Beitanghuo's figure flickered out of the range of the array method, and his hands formed a hand print and shot it into the array method.


Originally only launching ordinary attacks, the stars of Dutian starry swallowed the soul, and began to produce drastic changes.


A stream of black smoky gas diffuses in the array method. In a twinkling of an eye, the whole array space is completely covered by the black smoky gas.


People outside don't know, but the Beitang fire is very clear. After the black smoke gas is emitted, the protective shield produced by the Sky-bound Magic Matrix method immediately looks like steel spilled with sulfuric acid, making a squeaky sound of penetrating corrosion.


The protective shield becomes more and more dim and weak under the corrosion of poisonous gas. It's only a matter of time before it breaks down unexpectedly.


At the time of Beitang Fire Manipulation, Tianxuanzi and others finally came back to their senses and surrounded Beitang Fire with a ray of light. The strong air machine was firmly locked in Beitang Fire.


"Who is Your Excellency? Why should we attack those of our Alliance of Practitioners? Your breath is not like that of a man in the Devil's Way. If it is misunderstood, as long as you explain clearly, we can not pursue what happened just now."


Tian Xuanzi, as a revisionist at the peak of his late heart movement, certainly has no problem with his vision. He feels a strong sense of crisis from Beitanghuo, and his revision is totally unable to see through the strength of Beitanghuo. In this case, of course, he does not want to frighten the snake by beating grass.


If the strength of Beitang Fire is very weak, of course, he will not gossip about these, waving directly to destroy it, but the strength of Beitang Fire shows that he dare not easily start fighting, fearing that the plan of capturing Beitang Fire will be disrupted.


"Misunderstanding! Ha ha!!!! Beitang Fire seems to have heard the most ridiculous joke in the world. It's hard to laugh at him at ordinary times. He can't help laughing.


"Do you know who I am? Do you know whose villa you are surrounded by now, boy? Are you an idiot?" Beitanghuo did not hesitate to say that he felt very angry about what had been beaten at his door.


Tianxuanzi's face changed greatly, and so did several others. One by one, when facing the enemy, he retreated five or six meters behind him. Perhaps he saw his actions and other people's actions, and the retreat stopped in time. Otherwise, it was estimated that he would flee directly out of the distance of more than ten meters.


"You're the monster!" Tianxuanzi stared at Beitanghuo with an ugly look. He could not be calm in his heart. Unexpectedly, the plan that he and others had prepared failed in this way. He could not help thinking about whether to retreat or continue fighting.


Beitang fire laughed irrefutably, but the smile seemed a little cold. The violent momentum erupted from it, and blood-red thunderbolts spread all over his body. Five people around him tore the air machine that they had applied to him directly.


Feeling the cold and cruel momentum erupted from the Beitang Fire, Tianxuanzi and Royal Unmatched look became more ugly, one by one the operation of the real force in the body, emerged on the body of the shield light.


"Now what to do, you are in charge of this time, whether to withdraw or fight, you come to command." The imperial voice appeared in the ears of Tianxuanzi.


"Damn, now I know I'm responsible, damn thing." Tianxuanzi scolded himself in his heart. Just now, Royal Peerless didn't know that he was in charge of the operation. Now that there are problems, it reminds me that he was in charge of the operation, so that we can clear up the responsibility.


Feeling the momentum emanating from the Beitang Fire, especially the cold Beitang Fire, occasionally flashed a little broken golden eyes, which made his heart tremble.


Tianxuanzi looked ugly down at the villa. Thirty-six practitioners who had executed the Goddess Voldemort Array were in a bad situation at that time. All the stars wrapped outside were devouring the soul. Although he did not know what the battle was, it did not prevent him from seeing the strength of the battle.


"Keep the green hills there, not afraid of no firewood, let's temporarily choose to retreat." After struggling in his heart for several times, Tianxuanzi finally made a difficult decision.

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