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第一百四十五章 给我破!

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When the miserable monks were solved, the Northern Hall Fire turned its attention to the Emperor Xuan and the Emperor Yuanpei. At this time, the Emperor Yuanpei was burned by the golden and blue flame, and all the fencing swords of the fencing body and the trend were destroyed, and the miserable ones were burned to ashes.


Xuan Tianzi, who was seriously injured, was somewhat unexpected by Beitanghuo. He burst out at an amazing speed when he was penetrated into his body. He fled to the distance in such a short time.


"Or, let you go back alive and believe that the fish that leaks out of the net is more effective than the dead fish."


Looking at the distant Xuan Tianzi, Beitang Huzuikoujiao showed a strange smile. Although he could catch up with the seriously injured Xuan Tianzi at his speed, now let Xuan Tianzi survive alone. Returning to the Alliance of Practitioners would be doubted by other sects, even if it could not trigger internal strife, a good seed would be buried.


After solving these cardiac problems, Beitanghuo returned to the sky of the battle method. To his surprise, the magic battle of Heaven's Gang had not been broken, and it had obstructed the erosion of the soul of all the stars. The fierce poison gas filled the whole battle method.


"In this case, then we can only exert the real power of the stars. Beitang muttered to himself.


Full display of all the stars of the battle for the devil consumption is also very large, originally the North Tang fire is not intended to be displayed, but now into a stalemate, there is no other way to follow.


At this time, the Goddess Voldemort Array, which has been in a passive defensive state, suddenly burst out with strong power. Thirty-six pillars of light were released from the Goddess Voldemort Array. The violent momentum impacted the Dutian stars and the Goddess Voldemort Array, which was impacted by thirty-six pillars of light, shook violently.


"Is it really worth a serious fight to fight back on the verge of death?" Beitanghuo felt the power of 36 pillars of light and said with a dignified look.


Regardless of the formation method, it is generally within the formation method that will produce the greatest combat effectiveness. It can produce such a huge impact on the outside of the capital stars, and you can imagine what extent it would be if it were within the formation method.


"Want to break down the big battle of stars devouring the soul is still tender, all demons, now!!!" Beitanghuo's hands flipped rapidly, and a large number of magical powers poured in crazily. In a twinkling of an eye, huge handprints appeared in front of his palms, pushing them into the big battle of stars devouring the soul.


"roar!" Heng Gu's distant roar came from the battle of stars devouring the soul. The roar made people feel a sense of vicissitudes of life and desolation. The practitioners in the battle of the Goddess Voldemort also felt a tremor.


The black gas surges, and the shadow of the Twelve Gods appears in the battle.


Dutian Devil stepped on the stars one by one, and his head was empty. Although it was only a shadow, the breath leaked from it made the practitioners in the battle of Goddess Voldemort feel a strong pressure. Especially the Dark Devil, who was born together, was more powerful than the other eleven Devil Shadows combined.


After the appearance of the twelve Dutian Devils, the power of Dudutian Star Phagogue was truly erupted. Originally, the shaking array was fast and stable because of the impact of thirty-six light pillars. The impact of thirty-six light pillars could no longer make the array shake violently, but only produce a slight vibration.


With the shackles of the other demons and gods in the battle, Beitanghuo did not exert any effort to control the mysterious demons and gods, and made full use of the battle method. Twelve demons roared and rolled up the poison gas of the battle method, and smashed it at the Goddess Voldemort.




Although the twelve Dutian Devils are all phantom, they can also attack with the help of poison gas in battle.


Every attack on the Ghost-bound Devil Array is a violent shake, the practitioners in the battle are under tremendous pressure, one by one pale face desperately to maintain the operation of the battle.


In the battle, twelve Dutian Devils raised their heads to heaven and made a roar. The black poison gas surged violently towards the twelve Dutian Devils.


"Howl!" Eleven shockwaves were fired at the Great Shock of Goddess Voldemort, which originally showed a large dark color. Under the attack of twelve shockwaves, they shook violently. Thirty-six practitioners who were in the battle had blood red on their faces, showing painful expressions.


"Break it for me!" Beitang Fire gave a soft drink. The dark god who did not launch an attack roared up to heaven. The huge body emitted a dark light. The dark god who dominated Yin and cold was the evil god who controlled Yin and cold and poison.


"Howl!" A dark pillar of light sprayed out from the mouth of the Devil of the Underworld. As soon as the compressed pillar touched the Goddess Voldemort Array, it could not bear the frequent collapse of the Array. A crack appeared on the protective shield of the Array.


The protective shield was badly damaged, and the intense poison gas of the light pillar easily corroded the defensive passport into a big hole and shot into the battle.


"Boom!" Dark pillars of light burst out in the Great Front of the Goddess Voldemort, and the fierce poison gas filled the whole space of the array instantaneously.


Thirty-six revisionists supported by battle tactics have been corroded instantly under the poison of the Devil Devil. With the sad scream, they have turned into a pool of yellow water.


Lost the man who manipulated the array method, the whole instantaneous collapse of the Goddess Voldemort Array, 36-handle array method instrument under the erosion of poisonous gas, in a twinkling of an eye was ablated and damaged.


"Hu Hu, finally solved, did not expect the earth to repair the truth of the world should have such a strong array, almost on their way."


Dutian stars are very powerful, the relative consumption of the magic is to make the Beitang fire a little overwhelming, if it is real time, it may not be much of a problem, now it is a little hard.


Twelve Dutian Devils roaring in the battle, under the control of Beitanghuo, all rushed into the Dutian Banner, waving twelve Dutian Banners into his body.


Originally neat and artistic villas, they are no longer what they used to be.


Although the North Hall Fire just now controlled the spread of poisonous gas, the villa was impacted by some aftershocks. The villa was corroded like a ghost house. Because of the battle, there were many deep pits and big holes around the villa. The corroded poisonous gas continued to spread out from these holes.


Frowning, Beitang fires a wave, a strong attraction from his body, the surrounding toxic gas all rushed into his body, in a twinkling of an eye around the toxic gas was absorbed.


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