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第一百四十章 各怀鬼胎!

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With strong willpower, Beitanghuo slowly restrained the brutality and anger in his heart. The murderous spirit of the tide was like the ebbing tide, which quickly returned to his body, and he could not help breathing out of the bloodshed in his defensive state.


At the time of the last battle, Xueshuro did not exert his full strength. He thought that as long as he did his best, the strength of Beitang Fire was almost the same. Until now, he did not understand the gap between them.


At the very least, the kind of intense killing just now, even if he can not release, it is not only need to release the heart, but also have a lot of life and death fighting killing.


"Let's talk about how we can work together." Beitang Fire opened its slightly closed eyes, a broken golden light flashed through the eyes, looking at Xueshuro coldly.


Feeling the cold and murderous look of Beitang Fire, Xue Xiuluo shivered involuntarily. He felt both happy and uneasy in his heart. He did not know whether the killing intention of arousing Beitang Fire was good or bad. Although he had a slight uneasiness in his heart, he could not think about these things now.


"Well, the Beitang brothers are refreshing. In this case, let's talk about specific things. We can't bear the evil of the Alliance of Prayers for a long time. During these years, we have made great efforts to cultivate our own forces. Although there are still some shortcomings, as long as the Beitang brothers help us to resist the top of the Alliance of Prayers. A master, we have the confidence to win the final victory. Xueshuro's eyes were filled with pride, and he continued with excitement: "At that time, the whole of China will be our world. You monsters can also have the right to survive. I can guarantee that as long as the monsters'brothers do not attack first, no forces of the monsters will attack them. If they violate the heavens, they will strike five thunderbolts. ”


The practitioner goes against the heavens and acts against the law of heaven and earth, though his words and deeds violate the law of heaven and earth, but they are closely related to the law of heaven and earth. The vows of the practitioner are different from those of ordinary people and will be certified by the law of heaven and earth once the oath is established. If a violation occurs, then all his vows will be fulfilled.


"I can trust you, but I don't trust other demons, and I need to divide all the waters of China into our demon clan and classify them into our demon clan's territory." Beitanghuo was not very excited by Xueshuro's words and said calmly.


Hearing Beitang Fire, Xue Xiuluo could not help breathing a sigh. If Beitang Fire agreed with him, he would feel strange. Beitang Fire's request shows sincerity and cooperation, which makes it safer.


"Regarding the question of other devils, you can rest assured that I will let each of them make their own vows, after all, it is also related to my family's life."


Xueshuro's eyes glimmered with greed, and he said with a smile, "As for the sea area, there is no room for discussion, but after all, our magic way has exerted all its power, and you are the only one of the demons, so if you want to sum up all the sea areas of Cathaysia to your demons, you need to use the same generation." Prices are exchanged, otherwise I can hardly convince other people.


"You say, what is the cost of agreeing to generalize the sea area to our demon clan?"


"Actually, it's very simple. I hope to get the right to use the holes where you devour the fruit. That is to say, I hope our devil monks of the Tao can practice in the holes. Of course, the brothers of the devil clan can also practice in the holes." Said Xueshuro calmly.


Compared with his external expression, his heart is very hot. He has long coveted the place where fossil fruits are bred.


Beitanghuo was silent for a while. In Xue Xiuluo's anticipation, he said slowly, "Yes, when is the specific action time?"


"Good! The Beitang brothers are refreshing. We have basically assembled the forces of the Magic Way. In a short time, we will be able to destroy the situation and let the alliance of practitioners who consider themselves to be the right way know what strength is." Xueshuro said excitedly.


After explaining some specific details of the action with Beitanghuo, Xueshuro left Beitanghuo's room satisfactorily. The effect of this cooperation was unexpected. As long as the alliance of practitioners could be eliminated, he could even imagine himself leading the devil's way to rule the whole earth.


Man's ** is infinite. Xueshuro's eyes are blinded by the ** in his heart. He never sees the sneer of Beitang fire watching him leave.


The fossil fruit is obtained in the Haijiezhu, and the existence of the Haijiezhu in Beitanghuo does not need to worry about anyone prying into this cave.


If someone really enters it, Beitanghuo, as the master, can also make him the food of monsters and beasts. All the tension just now is for acting. Only in this way can Xueshuro not doubt it.


Before that, Beitanghuo just idled around trying to make a lively gathering. After the words of Xue Xiu Luo just now, he suddenly understood his identity. His original mind was also changing towards the direction of the demon clan. He could not watch his own kind being slaughtered and killed by human beings.


Heaven and earth are not benevolent to all things as ruminant dogs, when reborn pythons, his fate has changed.


Everything is a ruminant dog, on which human beings can slaughter monsters and beasts wantonly. Now in front of him is an opportunity to change the fate of Chinese monsters and beasts. A plan unexpected by Xue Xiuluo emerges in the mind of Beitanghuo.


After negotiating with Xueshuoluo, Beitanghuo began to be busy. While taking care of Beitanghuo's tranquility, Beitanghuo kept returning to Haijiezhu. He led the intimate little blue and white flowers and the four unlikes to make a thorough investigation of the strength of the whole sea area and grasped the extent to which he could control Haijiezhu at present.


With his present practice, at most fifteen monsters can be removed from the beads of the sea at one time. Although some monsters of the low level can also be removed from the beads of the sea, it has no substantial help for him, but can only exist as cannon fodder.


The size of monsters is huge. Fifteen monsters are already the limit of Beitanghuo. Removing fifteen monsters from the beads of the sea, they consume almost two-thirds of their gods. A little more than half of their lives can not be restored. That would be a little worthwhile.


In order to plan in his mind, Beitanghuo needs a lot of monsters and beasts in the sea beads. Originally, he planned to put these monsters and beasts into the sea in batches, so that he could recover his consciousness and move out a batch of monsters and beasts again. But in that case, with the current technology, it would be easy to find them, and monsters and beasts would be easily found. Character is also very dishonest, even if there is his repression can not ensure that there will be no trouble.


Finally, Beitanghuo had no choice but to do it by himself, hoping that the monsters and beasts in Haijie Zhuzhu would be unrealistic.

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