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第一百五十八章 血债血偿!

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"Damn it, today is a very cloudy day. It seems that the devil's way is to attack on that day." Kunlun feels the changes of the spirituality of the world around him, and his expression is somewhat ugly and muttering to himself.


At this time, other clans have also found this thing one after another, which knows that today is a very cloudy day.


The leisure days of the Alliance of Practitioners are so comfortable that they have lost a lot of vigilance and no one has budgeted for these things in advance.


For the extremely cloudy day, many schools have records of classics, so for this special day is not unfamiliar, immediately opened the law of communication between the various factions, exchanged opinions, waiting for the devil's way to come on guard.


The roaring sea is boiling madly. Beitang Fire is standing quietly on the beach, looking at the roaring sea, waiting calmly and quietly.


"I'm sorry to have kept my cousins waiting." No one heard his voice first. After the words were spoken, the figure of Xue Xiu Luo flew from a distance and landed in front of the fire in Beitang.


"It's all right. You can just feel the sea. By the way, how are you getting ready for the magic way?" Beitang looked at the roaring sea with a relaxed and indifferent look.


"Prepared for a long time, now toward the alliance of practitioners, those foolish guys until now found that today is a very cloudy day, this lax vigilance doomed the collapse of the alliance of practitioners." Xueshuluo disdained the statement of the Alliance of Practitioners, and his words exuded strong self-confidence.


Beitanghuo looked at Xueshuro, who was very self-confident. He looked doubtful and asked, "I think even if your magic way is latent to accumulate strength, there should be some gap between your strength and the alliance of practitioners. Why do you have such great confidence and think you can win?"


Hearing the words of Beitang Fire, Xue Xiu Luo flashed his eyes and said with a smile, "The Beitang brothers said very well that the overall strength of our Devil Way is indeed not as good as the Alliance of True Men, but we still have a group of powerful partners, and the Beitang brothers will soon be able to meet them."


"Blood lord, you didn't seem to mention it to me before. I don't know if it counts for the promise of our demon clan." Beitang fire heard the words and changed his mind involuntarily, and asked with an unhappy look.


"Ha ha, Beitang brothers rest assured that the original commitment is absolutely no problem, you can rest assured that as long as the alliance of practitioners is eliminated, the whole of China is our world." Xueshuro's eyes showed a faint look of satisfaction, and he said with a bold smile.


They had a conversation with each other for a while. At the suggestion of Xue Xiu Luo, they drove the magic weapon to fly away in the distance.


On the way of flying, Beitang thought about what Xueshuro had just said.


Through the words of Xueshuro just now, it shows that they have other helpers, and they have never said that the three sides own the whole of China, only that they have two worlds.


If Xue Xiuluo did not intentionally conceal it, it would prove that the third party did not intend to intervene in China, or verbally did not require the possession of China's forces.


"It seems that the so-called third-party forces should belong to forces outside China. "Through the thinking just now, Beitanghuo finally came to this conclusion, feeling that things are troublesome, after all, knowing one another can ensure the development of things. He is not aware of this third-party force, and his heart can not help but raise some vigilance.


"The devil's way, indeed it is the devil's way!" "Looking at the devil Taoist disciples surging with fierce murder and disgust in front of him, Beitang thought to himself that the momentum emanating from each of these people was evident in their murderous faces. Compared with those who met with the Alliance of the Modifiers, the people in the Alliance of the Modifiers were basically like the ones he met. A weak scholar.


"Well, although our magic way has been weakened, the overall strength is not as good as the alliance of the practitioners. It is also because of their large number and huge foundation. If the two practitioners fight together, even if they have good weapons, the people of the alliance of the practitioners are not our opponents in the magic way. "Xueshuluo said proudly to Beitanghuo, and a strong ferocity sprang up on him.


Beitang Fire nodded silently. Every devil monk here is a person who has been killed for a long time. Most of the practices are fierce and weird magic tricks. They are also magic weapons that can pour into the enemy's mind.


Many of them even directly refine their souls into ghost-filled magic instruments, and the whole people are wrapped in ghost-filled ghosts. The harmfulness of heaven is stronger than that of all the stars.


Once there are too many souls in this kind of instrument, it will lead to heaven robbery. Whether it is self-cultivation or instrument, it will be improved. If it can not survive, it will only be broken into ashes by heaven robbery.


"You guys, today is the day when our magic Tao washes away centuries of grievances. Under the pressure of the Alliance of the Practitioners, our magic Tao lives a life of enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens. We are always afraid of being pursued by the Alliance of the Practitioners. We are afraid every day. The Alliance of the Practitioners cannot wash our insults and hatred even if it is time. Brush it off."


Hearing the words of Xueshura, the devil monks in the air and on the ground all recalled the pain and humiliation they had suffered, and their killing intentions towards the alliance of the devil monks became more intense. One by one, they showed a ferocious look, and some of them trembled at the physical distance of the devil monks who had become spiritually distorted by the mass killing. Strong killing gas can not suppress the outbreak, the whole sky is full of strong killing gas and disgusting gas, here in a short time has become a forbidden place for any birds, animals, fish and insects, which directly into the birds, animals, fish and insects were this strong killing gas and disgusting gas smashed the soul.


"All the resentment and anger in our hearts today will be transformed into infinite strength. The Alliance of Truth-makers will be vulnerable to attack in front of us. Only their flesh and blood can calm the anger in our hearts."


"Kill, kill! Kill the alliance of the practitioners and let them pay for their blood!!!! Xueshuro roared passionately, with a red glow of bleeding on his body. The fierce spirit of Xueshuro enveloped his whole person, just like the real Xueshuro.


"Blood debt, blood repayment! Blood debt and blood repayment! Blood debt and blood repayment!!!!! Driven by the blood-thirsty monks, one by one, they erupted strong resentment in their hearts, emitted violent roars, flashed bloodthirsty red light in their eyes, and the morale of the devil-thirsty monks was fully stimulated.


From beginning to end, Beitanghuo watched with cold eyes. He felt afraid of the strong momentum emanating from all the devil monks. At the same time, he had to admire Xueshuro's eloquence.


Although he had led many demons and beasts in battle, he did not have such a good eloquence, which seems to have no effect, but it is a great inspiration for the momentum of both sides of the battle.


Group warfare is about momentum. A team without momentum can not win at all. The larger the battle, the more panicky it will be. Finally, all the commanders will flee and disperse.

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