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第一百五十二章 你想死吗!

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To everyone's surprise, standing in front of the gorgeous woman was a 16-7-year-old boy, one hand holding the gorgeous woman's wrist, looking at her indifferently.


"How dare you beat me!" The gorgeous woman spoke a little wordlessly and looked at Beitanghuo in surprise. Since she became famous, she has not been so humiliated, and today she was humiliated by a teenager of twelve or thirteen years old.


"Isn't that strange? I'll kill you if I don't get it right." The cold eyes of Beitang Fire surged up, flashing a pair of broken golden erect pupils in front of the gorgeous woman, from which the cold and cruel light was released.


The ferocious look of the gorgeous woman immediately turned into panic. Her face, which had been pale because of makeup, was even more pale without a trace of blood. Her body was shaking and she sat on the ground.


"Billy, he hit me and said to kill me, you must take charge of me!" The frightened gorgeous woman saw a man coming towards her, like a drowning man who saw a straw to save his life, lying on the man's leg in grievance and crying.


"What!" That's not true." The man named Billy, holding his belly up, looked down at the deep cleavage leaking out of sight, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and said with a sparkling look of anger.


In the crowd watching from afar, a pair of fierce eyes stared at Beitang Jing tightly, and a conspiratorial smile appeared on the corner of the mouth.


Billy has always been very interesting to the gorgeous woman. He wants to get her coquettish love, but there is no good chance. Now is a great chance. He can save the beauty by heroes, erect a glorious image, and hold the beauty back.


Imagine what might happen tonight, Billy's eyes burst with the light of ** and his trousers had to bulge a little.


"Kid, haven't your parents taught you how to be a human being? Please apologize to the beautiful Ms. Dana. Otherwise, today I will teach you a good lesson for your parents." Billy stared sternly at Beitang fire and said angrily, intending to take the lead.


"It's ridiculous of you to teach me a lesson." Beitanghuo is like hearing something funny. He grinned and looked at Billy curiously. "Are you human? How can I not see it? It's like the belly of a jet whale. You can't be a hybrid with a wild animal."


Billy's eyes widened dully, but he did not expect that Beitanghuo would humiliate him like this in front of many celebrities. He was scolded by a teenager pointing his nose in front of many celebrities. Even if Billy's brain was dumb, he could imagine that this matter would become the talk of others in the future.


The social celebrities who dared to see around looked at Beitang Fire in surprise, except for some people who liked the play, some of whom thought themselves highly respected and well-known, frowned, looked at Beitang Fire in an unhappy way, and shook their heads in their hearts.


"Little bastard, I think you're looking for death."


Billy's face was instantly bloodshot, his red face was full of anger, and his body was shaking with anger. If it hadn't been for the banquet of high-level people here, he would have wanted to rush up and smoke the North Hall fire fiercely.


"Do you want to die!" "Beitang Fire said word by word that his eyes burst with cold light and dared to scold his parents. This was unbearable to him. He could not help but raise a strong murder in his heart. The living room with air conditioning dropped by more than ten degrees in an instant. Especially those close to Beitang Fire felt cold all over the body. There was a chill in my heart.


This is just the escape of Beitanghuo from killing gas. Billy fat man who was bombarded by killing gas directly trembled on his legs. He did not even have the strength to hold Dana in his arms. There was a strong fear in his heart. This is the sixth sense of the human body for the severe danger. A strong impulse urged him to flee immediately. Get away from here.


This is certainly under the control of Beitanghuo, if he really directly kills his body on Billy, an ordinary person with kidney deficiency, he can directly let him faint, or even die of terror, but in that case, things will be troublesome and not fun.


The guests who watched from afar watched this scene in surprise. Some of them knew Billy. He was shameless, a fraudulent and hard-hearted fellow. He was treacherous but vicious. Now he was frightened to the ground by a teenager, which is a very strange thing.


"What's the matter? What are you doing here?" Some drunken voices rang from the crowd, and the guests around them gave way. The young man Yi who had just crashed into the car came in wavering.


"Well, isn't that Billy? Why are you sitting on the ground? Drinking on the ground is popular these days." Master Yi opened his confused eyes and looked at Billy sitting on the ground in surprise.


"Hey, Billy, didn't you hear me talking to you!" Seeing Billy did not respond, Master Yi shouted angrily.


At that time, the housekeeper rushed into the crowd and told him what had just happened in Master Yi's ear. If he did not tell him, he would be furious if he did not know the cause of the matter and the drunken Master Yi.


"Oh, interesting, Billy, you're getting worse and worse. Have you spent too much energy on women's bellies lately?" Master Yi laughed at some of Billy's reverberations and said casually.


When the guests around him heard Master Yi's words, they were forced to laugh one by one. It was quite different to say such words at such a banquet.


Billy's mind slowly recovered. He looked at Beitanghuo in horror. Then he rushed to Master Yi's side, pulled Master Yi's arm and almost cried out, "Yi Shao, you must be my master. This kid beat Miss Dana at the banquet. I just said a few words, and he said,"Yi Shao, you must be my master." It's easy to kill me. Such a person must not be able to keep him at the banquet.


"Easy, you can't let this kid go. Look at how he's beating people's faces like this." Dana can see the truth, Billy, this guy has not been frightened, directly flew into the arms of Yi Shao, only the young master of Yi can save her face.


Feeling the soft and hot body in his arms, Master Yi's muggy body became more hot because he drank alcohol. His nerves were stimulated by alcohol. At this time, he turned into a bear and held Dana in his eyes with lustful light.

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