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第一百五十四章 老头的怪异表现!

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Everyone who wants to leave will focus their attention on Beitanghuo, one by one, full of surprise and joy. They can not help feeling sorry for Beitanghuo and offending the chairman of Yishi Group. In Huaxia, it is basically a day of no beginning.


"Stinky boy, you dare to talk to my father like that. You don't know who he is." Yi Mang roared loudly. If he hadn't been concerned about the strength of Beitang Fire and Yi Chen was here, he would have rushed up and beat Beitang Fire severely.


"What do you say you should do!" Yi Chen waved his hand to Yi Mang and said in a cool tone.


Hearing the words of Beitanghuo, even Yi Chen, who is well-educated, bursts into a strong anger. In front of so many people, Yi Chen, who is accustomed to being tall and obedient, was thrown to the ground by a teenager.


"Forget it. Don't make a big deal of it." For Beitanghuo's words, Beitanghuo was very touched in her quiet heart, but she was still very nervous when she was stared at by so many people.


Especially at the present level, it makes her feel a little scared.


Feeling the uneasiness of Beitang's silence, Beitang laughed and patted her arm holding her clothes. He could not stay at Beitang's quiet side all the time. Today he would let people know what punishment would be imposed on those who dared to insult his sister.


"I'm not asking too much. I just want two of them with one arm." Beitang said with a light look of fire, just like saying a very trivial thing.


"Neigh!" Around the guests breathed a cool breath, the heart can not help a burst of Bin Ran, Beitanghuo's manner seems to have done so is a great concession.


"Young man, stop at it. Don't go too far. I think they'll just apologize to your friends." The old man who had never spoken around Yichen opened his mouth and said.


Beitanghuo had not paid attention to it just now. Now when he heard the old man talking, he could not help looking at him. At first glance, he felt familiar with him. It seemed that he had seen him somewhere before.


"Who are you? Can you decide for both of them?" Beitanghuo is very interested in the identity of the old man. He can make sure that he has not seen the old man recently. However, his familiarity makes him curious.


"Unconstrained, my father is also you can comment freely." Yi Chen shouted angrily and the security guards around him moved slightly, ready to attack Beitanghuo at any time.


"Grandpa, this kid is obviously looking for trouble. There's no need to influence today's banquet for him. Let the security guard throw him out." Yi Mang said with an uncomfortable look.


"You can call me easy to grow old. I think that's all right. It's no big deal. It's not good for anybody to make trouble again." Yi Lao still looked at Beitang Fire with a peaceful expression. It seemed to him that Beitang Fire did not disturb the banquet and did not damage their faces.


Wen Yan Beitang fire look slightly shocked, the heart can not help but have a kind of inexplicable mood, did not expect that over the past 20 years, unexpectedly can unintentionally meet with Yi Lao again, which really has to say that the magic of fate.


"Don't think you're alive, old man!" There was a smile on the cold face of Beitang fire, and some sighed at Yi Lao across the street.


"Bold, security guard. Shoot this kid out for me. We won't welcome him in the future." Yi Chen shouted angrily that he could bear it if he was himself, but he could not bear the disrespect of Beitanghuo for his father.


"Hula!" The security forces that had been waiting around immediately circled up again. The baton in his hand was facing the Beitang fire. His face was tense and fierce. He was waiting for Beitang fire to leave.


"That's how you treat your old friends, old man. Of course, if I hadn't saved you on the island, you would have been burned to ashes by the fire. It seems that you shouldn't have saved your ungrateful man." Beitanghuo ignored the security forces around him and said to Yi Lao with a slight joke.


When people around me heard this, they could not help but look back at the face of the teenagers in Beitanghuo and the old manner of Yi Lao 70 or 80. Anyway, they were not like old friends and saved Yi Lao on the island.


Compared with other people's doubts, Yi Lao's mind has opened a memory that he had 20 years ago. That deep memory has been kept in his mind. Only he knows the course of this matter. Now the teenager has told some details. An unbelievable idea appears in his mind. In my mind


"Damn bastard, you insult my grandpa. My grandpa has never been to sea since he went out once more than 20 years ago. You dare to change my house without insulting me. The security team beat me up. Today I want him to never get up." Yi Mang shouted angrily that Grandpa had been very concerned about him since he was a child, so now he hears that Beitang Fire insults his grandpa and makes him very angry. He would like to kill Beitang Fire Rod.


"Slow down!" Immersed in meditation, Yi Lao hurried to stop, and then took a step toward Beitang Fire step by step.


"Grandpa, don't go over. This kid is obviously looking for trouble. It's a neurosis. Let's call the police to catch him." Yi Mang quickly stopped in front of Yi Lao and said anxiously.


"Get out of my way, nonsense. You don't care about this." Yi Lao said sternly that there was no room for manoeuvre in his solemn expression.


From childhood to old age, Yi Mang has always been caring for him. He always gives whatever he wants. He has never been angry with him. Today, he is angry at a kid who comes to find fault. This makes him stunned.


People around me feel that things are getting more and more interesting. They are all concentrating on the next actions of Yi Lao. Some people even guess in their hearts that Beitanghuo may be the illegitimate son of Yi Lao outside.


Yi Chen also found that his father was not right. With the lesson of Yi Mang just now, he did not say anything to stop him. Instead, he followed Yi Lao to the North Hall Fire. Meanwhile, he signaled to the security guards around him. If anything happened, he would start at once.


"Why, come to think of it, you kindly called me"Red Boy"at that time. Beitanghuo, a bit gnashing, said that he had always been upset that he had been given such an innovative name.


Yi Lao's body trembled violently when he heard the words of Beitanghuo. Just now, he just had a fantastic guess. Now he can really confirm that his aging heart was beating and his whole blood was speeding up because he was too excited.

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