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第一百一十六章 噩耗!

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"Bingo! It's still five minutes to go to class, so I'm not going to be late for it! __________ Beitang looked at his wrist watch with a fiery smile and said quietly to Beitang, whose eyes were still closed.


Beitang quietly heard the words of Beitang Fire, opened his eyes, showed a happy look, said a thank you, rushed to the teaching building in a hurry.


Beitanghuo showed a faint smile and drove a blue sports car. In the eyes of security worship, it went away quickly.


"Shu Gang, do you have any harvest after all these days? Don't tell me that there is still no clue." Back in the villa, Beitang Fire looked at the refreshing and refreshing drink of Shugan.


"Boss, you have wronged me. I have mobilized all the relationships, and I have some news, but because you don't have a cell phone, I haven't had time to tell you yet." Shu Gang said wrongly, but with his grim face with scars, it did not have much effect.


"What's the news? You've found the location of the garden community that was demolished." Beitang fire look a little nervous asked.


"That's not true, but we found a family living near the garden community. I believe there will be news soon." Shu Gan felt embarrassed, touched his head, and said positively.


"Are you sure it's here? It's not a movie. Can you use it in this place?" Beitang Fire looks bad at Shugan. Now they are in an abandoned factory. If they are in the movies, it must be the place where some criminal gangs do some dirty business.


"Well, sir, I don't know that this is an abandoned factory. You should take more care of it!" Shu Gan touched the sweat on his head and said quickly and carefully.


"Hum!" Beitang fire is very uncomfortable cold hum, head turned to the side, an invisible sudden killing gas rushed towards that direction, the air in front of the impact of killing gas, showing a ripple.


"Something, get out of here." Beitang said in a cold voice that his eyes were full of indifference, and it seemed that he would launch fierce attacks at any time.


After these days of practice, Shu Gang's Ziyang sword recipe has also made some progress, and soon it also sensed a strange atmosphere, looking nervously at the direction of Beitang fire.


"Gaga, worthy of being appreciated by the Lord, is quite different indeed." A black shadow emerged from the abandoned wall in the distance, as if it had been drilled out of the wall in an instant. There was no damage to the wall behind it.


"I dare to show my eyes in the small battlefield. What I hate most is the self-righteous guys."


Furious killing gas erupted from Beitang Fire. Decades of monster and beast life, experienced numerous killings, coupled with the cold and cruel snake nature of the snake itself, the fierce killing gas erupted from Beitang Fire directly hit people's mind.


"Pooh!" The man in black, who just appeared in the stage, spit blood fiercely. Just now, he blocked the killing gas from Beitang Fire by fighting. Now the whole leak is outside, and Beitang Fire is releasing the killing gas with all its strength, which directly damages his mind.


Shu Gang beside him also looked at Beitang Fire with a frightened face. Just now, although Beitang Fire had collected the released killing gas, there were still some escaping gas around him. It was these escaping killing gas that made Shu Gan feel like being shrouded by a giant beast. The strong sense of oppression and the impact of the soul made his back wet. Slice.


The fierce killing spirit is like a tidal retreat. Beitang fire looks cold at the blue and pale black man. Despite the retreat of the exterior killing gas, a strong air machine is firmly locked on the black man, and it is possible to release a deadly attack at any time.


It took a long time for the man in black to recover. He looked at Beitang Fire in horror. At the first moment when he was awake, he thought of running away. But soon the idea was deleted by him. The cold and powerful air made him feel deeply powerless.


"Don't get excited, I'm not malicious. Really, I just came to cooperate with you. It's good for us. Aren't you looking for clues about the relocation of the garden community? We can give you clues about it." The man in black stabilized his frightened mind and showed what he thought was his most sincere smile.


The blue light flashed on Beitanghuo, and the figure tilted slightly in front of him. It disappeared instantly in place. In the horrified eyes of the black man, the figure of Beitanghuo appeared in front of him, less than one meter away from him.


"I hate two things you have done now. I hate being threatened. How can I repay you next?" Beitang looked down at the black-dressed man with a dim look of fire. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, showing a fierce and devilish smile.


"No, you can't kill me. I really don't mean to threaten you. Your strength is so strong. How can we threaten you? It's too late for us to attract you." The black-clad man hunched back in terror and said with a mournful face, greeting his superior, his family and his younger brother, who had told him that Beitanghuo was so terrible that he would not come here to kill him.


"Come on, tell me everything you know about the demolition of the Garden District. If you hide it, I believe you know what will happen."


"Yes, yes, absolutely dare not hide it." The man in black quickly lighted his head and relaxed his look. If he could save his life temporarily, he would have the hope of survival.


"The Garden District was demolished about ten years ago. The reason for the demolition was simple. It was to build a luxury international entertainment park. The project was decided by the Kyoto Municipal Government to support the construction. It was contracted to Hao Tianlei, the chairman of the luxury group at that time. Hao Tianlei was responsible for the demolition and reconstruction."


"Only these useless information seems to have no value in keeping your name." Beitang looked at the black-dressed man coldly. He had no interest in the information that the black-dressed man was telling him. There was nothing about his parents in the information.


"Of course not only that, but also other information." The black-clad man panicked and said, "It was an important measure of the Municipal Committee to rebuild the international entertainment venues in order to create an international city. Kyoto City issued a death order to build an international entertainment venue. Hao Tianlei, with the support of the municipal government, took a strong violent demolition approach after receiving the project. Style, some nail households were severely injured, some were purchased with money, some were purchased with the surname of North, and some were killed by Hao Tianlei's truck. At that time, the noise was boiling. If it wasn't for the repression of Kyoto Municipal Government, it would almost make news.


Beitanghuo listened calmly and indisputably. Suddenly, a word flashed through his mind, and a trace of cold and panic appeared on his calm face. "What did you say about a family whose name was Beitang? What was their surname?"


"As if, I remember as if it were North... ..." The man in black was thinking hard, sweating on his forehead.


"Is it Beitang!" Beitang said in a trembling tone of fire.


"Yes, it was Beitang, like a family named Beitang Haoran. I don't know why their family was so unwilling to demolish it. As a result, they were murdered by Haotianlei. It was quite a sensation at that time, so I will remember it so clearly."


"What! How could it be!" Beitanghuo feels like five thunders, directly stunned in its original place, and its expression is full of incredible expression.

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