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第一百一十七章 被雷劈了!

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I have been looking forward to meeting my parents. Although he has been reborn as a python, his soul is still the soul of human beings and the soul bestowed by his parents. I had not expected for decades that this would be the result, which made him feel strong sadness and unwillingness.


The man in black, who fell on the ground, saw the uncertainty of Beitang fire and the state of wandering around the world. A fierce idea sprang up in his heart, and he made the most wrong decision in his life.


The body of the man in black jumped up suddenly when he fell on the ground. His hands were full of magic. He grabbed the head of Beitanghuo in the form of sharp claws. Although the magic in his hands was not comparable to that in the sea, it was not a joke if the sharp claws were hit.


Beitang's turbulence does not mean that he has no defensive ability. The instinct of the body reacts immediately after it senses danger.


"Crack!" The fierce blood-red thunderbolt broke out, and the people in black clothes who could not escape were directly covered by the blood-red thunderbolt. The magic gas that emerged from the body disappeared in a twinkling of an eye under the attack of the blood-red thunderbolt, and the violent blood-red thunderbolt immediately poured into the body of the people in black clothes.


"Ah!" Sorrowful screams came from the mouth of the black-clad man. Under Shu Gang's gaze, the black-clad man was still a strong and fast thinning figure, turning into a corpse in a twinkling of an eye, and turned into powder under the attack of blood-red thunder and lightning.


Beitanghuo was in a chaotic mood and did not know what to do. He rushed out of the abandoned factory like a walking corpse.


Coming to the front of the sports car, Beitanghuo opened the door of the driver's seat and sat directly in, driving the sports car crazily to the distance, the instantaneous acceleration of the intensity of vibration around the earth is a tremor.


"Buzz!" Like a high-end sports car, it usually does not make any strange sound, only when the speed is increased to a great extent will it make a humming sound. Beitanghuo sports car not only makes a hoarse hum, but also slightly trembles, which is the performance of speed up to the extreme.


The silver sports car is like a lightning bolt on the road to which it travels. In the blinking room, it has surpassed one vehicle after another. The speed is amazing.


"Mother, ufo!" A fast-moving drag racing Party saw a silver sports car passing by its car like a gust of wind. It was stunned for half a day and roared loudly.


A distant sound of the impact of the waves sounded in the ears. The silver sports car driven by Beitang Fire was moving faster and faster, like a phantom rushing towards the direction of the waves.


Two passionate men and women hugged and watched the roaring waves, talking and laughing constantly about some adult topics. Suddenly, a violent noise came from the distance. The men and women turned to look at the distance, only to see a silver sports car coming like lightning. The seaside fence was in front, but silver. The sports car did not stop at all.


"Touch, click!" The hard seaside fence was instantly broken by a speeding sports car, losing the barrier of the fence. The silver sports car crossed the sky, leaped into the sea and plunged into the water in a parabolic position.


"Boom!" The sea was splashing and the silver sports car had disappeared on the sea. The two girls in love were hugging each other tightly. The strong wind from the sports car was still raging. They stared at the sea dully. The girl opened her skirt completely, revealing the vacuum in the middle of the car. Fun underwear is still unconscious.


"Ah!!!!!!!!" After a few seconds, a scream rang from the sky to the earth on the beach.


The waves of the sea surge above the impact of the waves, and the white spray is particularly beautiful in the sun's light.


Look carefully, there is a figure on the surging waves. The figure has no action under the impact of the waves, but the clapping waves can not penetrate into the sea. It will always be suspended on the sea, with the surge of the waves.


"Boom!" It seems very angry that this figure has been appearing on the waves, brewing a huge wave to rush towards the figure, the waves of more than ten meters have a huge power, it looks terrible.


The figure lying in the sea with eyes closed suddenly opens his eyes. A violent and cold momentum erupts from him. A large number of thunder and lightning ions in the sea are constantly gathering, and a channel of electric current shuttles through the sea.


"Boom!" When the waves reached their highest point, they burst suddenly, and a stream of electric current shuttled through the waves. All the sea creatures on the surface of more than a dozen miles around floated out, turning white bellies one by one. The roaring water did not calm down, but became more violent.


Standing on the sea, the northern hall fire slowly fluttered, and his consciousness had been immersed in memories.


Blood-red thunder and lightning run crazily, the wire current flowing on him, the current is more and more intense, the surrounding air is also flooded with electric sparks, gradually forming a huge thunderball.


Originally, the clear sky on the sea was darkened. Dark clouds were all over the sky in a twinkling of an eye. Dark clouds slowly approached and collided with each other. Lightning flashed in the dark clouds. All the people who were sailing or playing at sea were speeding towards the shore.


"Come on, is there any mistake, not that the weather is clear and cloudless? I think it's cloudless. On a small yacht, a man looked at the rapidly gloomy sky and said sadly.


"Wow, look dear, what's that!" Beside the man, wearing a bikini, the better-built woman pointed at the distance in horror and shouted loudly.


"What's a fuss?" The man muttered in a bad mood, turned his head and looked in the direction of the woman's finger. His careless eyes enlarged instantly, staring at the distance in horror, and his mouth opened wide.


In the sea sky hundreds of meters away, a ball full of lightning flashed in the sky. The thunder and lightning roared in the sky for a long time and hit the ball. The fierce thunder and lightning struck the ball. The dazzling light emanated from the ball, and a large amount of electric current diffused around it.


"My dear, flee quickly!" The man wakes up in an instant and controls the yacht to run away in horror. His bare skin can feel the filament current. If he slows down a little, he will probably be charred by electricity.


The man controls the yacht in terror. The bikini woman sitting on the yacht quickly pulls out a digital camera from the bag beside her and snaps dozens of balls flashing lightning.


The thunder and lightning in the dark clouds splits out the first, followed by the second and the third, and the violent thunder and lightning constantly strikes the flashing sphere. The lightning sphere originally floats in the mid-air. Under the attack of thunder and lightning, it is smashed into the water, and the current flashes on the sea surface for tens of miles and hundreds of miles from time to time.


After nearly half an hour, the dark clouds in the sky finally slowly dispersed, the sea again restored to calm, the blue sky appeared in front of everyone, the speed of recovery, let people feel just like a dream.


The panic-stricken people are no longer in any mood, whether fishing or playing, all heading for the shore. Where the lightning flashes just now, even the daring people dare not approach. So, no one is suspicious of the strange things for too long, and wants to explore the truth.


"grunt!" Where lightning flashed just now, bubbles suddenly appeared on the sea. More and more bubbles appeared on the sea. White and shiny things appeared on the sea. After the whole appearance, they finally saw clearly that it was a person's head, but at this time there was no hair on the head.


"Ah-hoo!" Open your mouth, belch, a black smoke from it, the whole body was split by thunder and lightning except for the head all showing black North Hall fire, like a charred corpse lying on the sea, the original powerless small** is miraculously showing a standing state, the threads of thunder and lightning are still flowing on the chickens and chickens.


"I depend on it. I almost got killed by thunder. God, you're against me."

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