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第一百一十四章 尖叫引发的误会! 砸收藏

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Put the stewardess on the bed, Beitanghuo looked at the stewardess who was even asleep, and there were still some frightened faces. There was some guilt in her heart. I don't know why Beitanghuo always felt special kindness to her, just like his own relatives, and didn't want her to be hurt.


"Ah!" Snake, don't eat me! Don't eat me!" The stewardess lying on the bed showed a frightened look on her face, waved her hands violently in the air, shouted and sat up violently from the bed, with cold sweat on her forehead.


"Don't be afraid, there are no snakes here!" Beitanghuo, sitting on one side, said hurriedly.


"Ah!" The stewardess turned her head and saw the northern hall fire on one side. Suddenly she remembered the scene she saw in the lane and shouted in horror.


"Wow, it's the boss. It's so powerful. It's so quick for that girl to reach **!" Downstairs in the living room, Shu dared to hear the call from the second floor, showing a grim smile.


"Stop yelling!" Beitanghuo felt very upset when she heard the scream of women. She could not help shouting loudly. The huge voice jumped the frightened and screaming stewardess down. She closed her mouth in grievance. Although she was still frightened, she looked much lighter than before.


"Don't be afraid, what you just had was just your dream. There are no snakes here. Just now, I saw a gang of hooligans bullying you, so I came forward to save you. You fainted in the process of fighting. It's so simple." Beitanghuo said earnestly and forcefully.


"When I was in a coma, it seemed that I saw a snake running out of you. It was a terrible snake. It brought..." Said here, the stewardess's face immediately turned pale, and her throat fluttered as if she wanted to vomit again.


"That's just your dream. Believe me, where was the snake just now? You must have been frightened by the hooligans and subconsciously imagined." Beitanghuo has some guilt in his heart, but at this time he can't tell the truth of the matter, and can only try his best to fool the good stewardess.


Hearing the words of Beitanghuo, the stewardess, though somewhat doubtful, thought carefully about how the weird things could be true. Besides, at that time, she immediately fainted, and now she does not know whether she is dreaming or not.


"You're telling the truth! What about Qin Xiaofeng! " Speaking of Qin Xiaofeng, the stewardess had a look of resentment on her face. If there were no Beitanghuo, she would be given a hand by those men. Just thinking about her hatred for Qin Xiaofeng, she could not help surging into her heart.


"Does that kind of person deserve your resentment? If you really hate him, it's his way. What you said about Qin Xiaofeng has become an idiot and will never pester you again." Beitanghuo looked at the resentment on the stewardess'face and felt pain in her heart. This negative emotion should not appear on the gentle and simple stewardess'face. Some of them could not help complaining that they had not killed Qin Xiaofeng.


"Thank you for saving me, but if the police knew about it, they would surely hold you accountable. I'm sorry." The stewardess apologized.


"Nothing. I'm worried that I have nothing to do. How can you be with people like that? How's your life lately?" Last time the plane exploded, Beitanghuo now remembers that as a stewardess, she must have a lot of trouble.


"Ah!" You know, the airliner we made exploded, and when I woke up, I was already in a hotel in Kyoto. Then I went to the airline and was caught by the police. After a detailed interrogation, I was released. Speaking of this, the air hostess continued with a sombre look: "Because of this, I can't work as a part-time stewardess. I have to look for jobs everywhere. Qin Xiaofeng took the opportunity to deliberately say that he can introduce me to work and give me an appointment."


When he heard the Beitang fire, he was somewhat silent. This incident was caused by him, and his heart was somewhat apologetic. When he thought of the Beitang fire here, he was shocked. The other party was only a stranger who had met twice. It would cause such a strong emotion in his heart, which made him feel amazing.


For the stewardess in front of him, the feeling of Beitanghuo is very peculiar. It's not the kind of love at first sight. The warm and friendly feeling makes him hardly defensive. Subconsciously, he seems to have known it for a long time.


"By the way, what time is it now!" The stewardess sitting on the bed suddenly asked nervously.


"It's like 8:50. What's the matter?" Beitanghuo looked at Shu Gan's Rolex watch, which he bought for him, and asked doubtfully.


"O!" The stewardess let out a sigh of breath, then looked behind her, feeling something wrong, and saw the white curtain in the sunshine, showing a fiery red color.


"Ah!" Another deafening scream.


"Well, the eldest is indeed powerful, it seems that I have a long way to go in the future!" Shu dared to hear it and murmured again with regret and indecency.


"Now it's the next morning. It's broken. I have to go to class today. Otherwise, the teacher will deduct my credits." The stewardess got up anxiously from bed and said in a panic.


"When are you going to have class?" Beitang asked with a light look of fire.


"Classes will begin in twenty minutes. It's too late!"


On Kyoto's spacious highway, a blue sports car is traveling at an amazing speed, turning directly into a blue streamer and shuttling on the busy highway.


On the side of the highway, special cameras for speeding vehicles continue to shine. Unfortunately, when the traffic police see the photos, nothing can be seen except a blue flash.


"Hello!" Can you, can you drive a little slower? This will kill you. The stewardess said in a trembling voice.


"It's all right. Now is the time to see my driving level. Besides, if you don't drive at this speed, it's estimated that class will be over soon when you get to school." Beitanghuo said indifferently, slamming the steering wheel to the right and flashing past a car in front of him.


The stewardess could not help but close her eyes tightly, grasp the seat belt with both hands, and grind her teeth with trembling perseverance.


There is a blue flash on the highway, which passes through the road at a very fast speed, constantly dodging the vehicles ahead, but the surpassing technology makes people feel sweaty.


"Dad, look, it's Batman's flying car!" In an ordinary family van, only six or seven-year-old children, excitedly pointing to the mirror, shouted loudly.


"Silly boy, what's a flying car!" Speaking of driving the middle-aged man looked into the mirror, the original calm look immediately turned into horror, only to see a blue sports car like a blue streamer, it should have been dozens of meters away, the result has come to the back of the van in the blink of an eye.


"Whoa!" "The blue sports car, on one side of the wheel, sped past the van in an instant.


The child waved his hand and shouted excitedly. He looked at his father next to him. He was staring at the speeding blue sports car with dull eyes. A cold sweat was coming down from his head.


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