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第一百一十一章 裸奔! 给力啊!

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For these ordinary people who have only a little muscle strength, Beitanghuo has no interest at all. He stands up slowly from the sofa and walks toward two big men.


"How do you want to beg for mercy? Tell you, the woman who dares to touch Brother Raptors, today you have abandoned an arm yourself, and our brothers can let you go!" Two muscular men looked at Beitanghuo disdainfully and said with a sneer.


"Idiot!" Beitang said coldly, without stopping, and continued to think about walking ahead. Hearing what Beitang said, the two muscular men showed an angry look on their faces, roared, waved their huge fists and smashed them in the head of Beitang.


"Pop!" Without the sound of hitting and screaming, Beitanghuo easily grasped the fists of two muscular men in their sight. No matter how hard the two muscular men tried to move forward, they did not move at all.


"Crack!" Two crisp sounds in the silent bar appear very abrupt, two muscular big men that are full of muscles and strong arms, now showing a strange angle bending, wrist showing 360 degrees of twist.


In the shoulder of one of the muscular men, the skin and flesh were torn and the pale bones could be seen.


"Ah!!!!" Painful howls came from the mouths of two muscular men, who looked grim. Their facial muscles twisted and held their fragmented arms in the other hand. The painful sweat instantly drenched their clothes.


The people around us who had been waiting to see the bustling Beitang were all staring at each other. Their growing mouths could even stuff an egg. The development of the matter was totally unexpected.


Beitanghuo did not look at the two muscular big men any more, turned around, looked at the frightened Raptors with a calm voice and said, "Do you do it yourself, or do I help you!"


When Raptors heard the words of Beitanghuo, they woke up from the shock just now and looked at Beitanghuo from contempt to fear. The expression on their faces changed constantly.


"Brother Raptor, don't be frightened by him. Help me teach him a lesson. Don't you have a gun? Break his legs with a gun." The gorgeous woman looked at Beitang Fire with a bitter look, and her voice shook the arm of the Raptor crazily.


"I don't want to say again, do you do it yourself or I'll help you!" "Beitang opens his mouth impatiently and says that his eyes show indifference, that kind of mood does not contain the slightest, and that he looks like nothing, which makes the heart of some struggling Raptors tremble violently.


"Stinky bitch, get out of here." The dragon threw down the gorgeous woman hanging on him with an angry stretch of his hand and said to Beitanghuo with an ugly look, "Okay, today I confess to planting, I'll make amends for you by giving up my arm."


"Crack!" The Raptor reached out and grabbed his left arm. A trace of determination and madness appeared on his face. The whole body concentrated on his right arm. He grabbed his left arm and turned 360 degrees toward the palm in front of him. He returned to the front again.


Drops of sweat left on the forehead of the raptor, pale and suffering from severe pain. The Raptor looked at the North Hall fire and said, "Are you satisfied? I hope you can keep your promise and bypass us!"


"It's okay to bypass you, but I have a condition!" For this kind of spirit of raptors, Beitanghuo still appreciates it in his heart, with a smile on his cold face.


"You say!" The dragon's face changed slightly, and his right hand was quietly wiping away from his trousers pocket. If Beitanghuo said anything excessive, he would have to use the pistol which had always been treasured by him.


"Forget to bring money today, you paid the bills for consumption!" Beitanghuo said calmly.


"... ..."


Beitanghuo, after solving the problem of liquor money, stepped outside the bar. From the beginning to the end, he had never seen a gorgeous woman. Ignorance of such a woman was the greatest punishment and revenge.


Looking at the back of Beitanghuo's departure, the Raptor showed a bitter smile. He thought that Beitanghuo would talk about some tricky conditions, but he didn't think it was such a simple thing.


The dragon forcefully withstood the intense pain, fiercely tried to reconnect his fallen left arm, looked down at the gorgeous woman sitting on the ground, looking bitter and unwilling, with an expression of disgust in her eyes.


In the raptor's heart, looking at how to punish the gorgeous woman who made him suffer, a bartender came up and said in a trembling tone, "Brother Raptor, this is the bill of the gentleman just now. He drank thirty bottles of the top vodka in the bar, totaling fifty-five thousand yuan. The owner said it was violent." Long Big Brother, so he put together an integral 50,000 yuan."


"Come on, he didn't mean to drink so much and so expensive!" When the Raptor heard the waiter's words, his heart trembled and he couldn't help thinking gloomily.


Leaving the bar, Beitanghuo found that it was night now, the sky became dark again, but the surrounding roadside was not dark, all kinds of rainbow road lights, will find a stretch of light on the street.


After what happened just now, Beitanghuo was in a better mood, walking on the busy streets of Kyoto at night. Compared with busy days, Kyoto at night is the most crowded time. Kyoto people who are busy all vent their pressure and tiredness at night in their own way.


"En-en-ah!" Passing through a green forest, Beitanghuo Superman's hearing can clearly hear the voice coming from the forest, that kind of charming voice, Beitanghuo is not unfamiliar, when he was very good at studying such films of an island country.


"What a sunset! Just scream, why do you scream so loudly!!! Beitang fire depressing thought, a little heart can not eat grapes, said the feeling of sour grapes.


Moving forward, when Beitanghuo was about to leave quickly, a sudden flash of inspiration flashed in his mind, and a devilish smile rose from the corner of his mouth. If someone was watching at this time, he would be frightened to have nightmares at night.


A trace of breath emanated from Beitang Fire, and the consciousness spread to the surroundings. Soon, in the sense of Beitang Fire, a familiar breath appeared, and at his command, it moved towards the woods.


The heavy breathing and the delicate singing were still ringing, but with the full expansion of the smile in the corner of Beitang fire mouth, the sound in the woods suddenly disappeared.


"Ah!" There are snakes!" The cry of terror came out of the woods, followed by a rush. In the sight of Beitanghuo, two white flowers fled out of the woods, then ignored his existence and fled naked in terror.


"Cough!" Beitanghuo stared at the two naked runners leaving. It was doubtful whether naked runners were popular nowadays.


(crying, Xiao Zhai, I really want to buy a piece of tofu and die. There are only twenty tickets in every day. My God, is this God's punishment for me? I am also a good citizen. Every day, two more, I ask whom to stir up.

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