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第一百章 火焰的碰撞!

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"Vortex Water Gun!" Huge whirlpools appear in front of Beitanghuo's body. With his present control, the whirlpool will not produce strong suction, but the water vapor around it is still pouring in.


In a twinkling of an eye, a sharp water pistol turned with the whirlpool and shot at the monster Parker at an astonishing speed.


The speed of the whirlpool water gun, coupled with the shape of the monster Parker, had no time to dodge and was shot by a sharp water gun.


The hot magma rapidly sagged under the water gun fire, and the sharp water gun pierced the magma's surroundings in a twinkling of an eye, and penetrated deeply into it.


"roar!!!!" Devil Parker's forward form paused and gave a painful roar. His fierce face became more distorted and the rage tore the air around him.


"roar!" Ugly creature, you dare attack Parker who hurt me. "Monkey waved his little hand angrily, turned his head angrily and said,"Parker, turn it to ashes with lava shock wave!"


"roar!" Hearing the little monster Monkey's words, Monster Parker made a loud roar. The huge mouth burst open to form a big black hole. The hot air came out of its mouth. The sight of Beitanghuo became blurred under the impact of the hot air.


"Huh!" Fire-red magma is like the roaring river water bursting its levee. The sky is full of fire-red magma. The hot air forms a strong updraft. From a distance, the whole sky turns to fire-red.


"Look, the fire burns clouds. It's unexpected that fire clouds should appear at this time."


"It's beautiful. Take a picture! This is a rare wonder!"


People on the ground stop after they see the red abnormality in the sky. They are surprised to point out that a disaster for them happens when they wait and see.


For the overwhelming magma, Beitanghuo did not show fear. His hands formed fingerprints one by one. The blood-red thunder and lightning poured into the resisting blood ring. The nine blood rings under his feet expanded rapidly. Then they were put on his body and wrapped in the blood ring.


"Blood Ring Shocks Shield!" When the blood ring completely enveloped the Beitang fire, the overwhelming magma also came and covered him in a twinkling of an eye. At this time, the blood ring on his body burst into a red light of bleeding, and the strong shock wave burst out in all directions.


"Boom!" Looking at the Beitang fire wrapped in hot magma, Monkey's eyes glistened with blood-thirsty excitement. Just when he thought the Beitang fire had been baked, a violent explosion erupted from the hot magma.


All the magma pouring into Beitang Fire was hit by a strong shock wave, lost the magma maintained by the Devil Parker, and fell down one after another. With the rapid impact of cooling air, the magma turned into hard rock one after another.


"Look, it's shooting stars. There are many shooting stars. Let's make a wish!"


"Popular ass! I depend on it. It seems that something is going to fall down. Everyone is running for their lives!!!


After a short shock, the people in the city on the ground fled to the surrounding buildings in panic, and some busy commercial streets and other places were even more panic-stricken. When life and death were in danger, who could take care of others.


Like a meteor, red rocks fall into the city. The impact of its own mass and gravitational acceleration is also very strong. In a twinkling of an eye, smoke comes out everywhere in the city. The loud impact makes people who are avoiding panic.


At this time, Beitanghuo did not know the following situation. Even if he knew it, he did not intend to appear like Superman to save people in distress, and he did not have the time.


After seeing that the lava shock wave did not hurt the Beitang fire, the furious little devil roared and asked Parker to tear the Beitang fire to pieces. The proud little devil, Monkey, did not allow anyone to live unharmed after ignoring him.


The ordered monster Parker roared loudly, and hot lava came out again. The lava condensed into two huge lava hands in mid-air. The air around the burning hot breath was constantly twisting.


"roar!" Parker, blow him up for me!!! _____________ The little monster roared excitedly.


"Whoop!" With the response of Devil Parker, two huge lava giant hands slapped toward Beitang Fire. The strong force raised a violent air flow. The lava giant hand had not hit Beitang Fire yet. The strong hot air made Beitang Fire feel a sharp pain in the skin.


"Damn, when Lao Tzu is a fly!" Beitang Fire has been in a passive beating state, which makes Beitang Fire very uncomfortable. Blue light emerges from the body, stamping on the resistance ring under the foot, and Beitang Fire's body quickly dodges to the side, turning into a blue light and breaking away from the scope of the lava giant hand.


"You can't play with fire, let's try whose fire is stronger!" The fire in Beitang moved slightly. The fiery golden-blue flame appeared around his body like a stream of water, and changed rapidly into a golden-blue raven.


"Ring!" The crow raised its hair and gave a piercing cry, flashing its golden and blue wings and rushing quickly towards the monster Parker.


Two huge lava giant hands, under the control of the monster Parker, grabbed the flying raven, but with the clumsy shape of the lava giant hand, it could not really hit the flexible raven, plus the speed of the Raven quickly broke through the attack of the two lava giant hands.


"Huh!" A golden-blue flame sprayed out from the mouth of the raven. After spraying the golden-blue flame, the color of the Raven was obviously dimmer.


"Howl!!!!" The Devil Parker roared, and a great deal of lava came out of it, forming a huge lava barrier. All the golden and blue flames were sprayed on top of the lava barrier.


The lava in the lava barrier surges violently in an attempt to engulf the golden-blue flame, but apparently he underestimates the power of the golden-blue flame. The liquid magma is rapidly melted by the golden-blue flame, and the broken layers of lava pour into it.


"roar!" Feeling the strength of the golden-blue flame, more lava emerged from the Devil Parker, blocking the attack of the golden-blue flame. Under the consumption of a large number of lava, the golden-blue flame could not break through the encirclement and was surrounded by lava to exterminate.


"Raven, close!" Beitang Fire made handprints on both hands and shouted loudly. The Ravens who were flying around the Devil Parker all came together and crashed into a golden and blue flame in one place.


When all the ravens gathered together, the golden and blue flames surged violently, and a huge Raven more than two meters long appeared in mid-air.


"Ming!!!" Huge ravens are singing, their wings are twinkling. Golden and blue flames erupt and rush toward the lava barrier, constantly attacking the surging lava barrier. Under the burning of golden and blue flames, the lava barrier gradually becomes unsupported.


"Parker, tear this bird for me, or I'll tear you up!" Monkey, the little monster, saw the fierce golden and blue flames, and could not help shouting angrily.


When the monster Parker heard Munch's words, he rushed to his feet, roaring two lava giant hands into huge lava and rushing at the huge raven.


(Finally, a hundred chapters, on this celebratory day, everyone gave me a fierce fight, Gaga!!)

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