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第一章 假冒伪劣引发的重生!

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Deep mountain jungle in Northwest China, known as virgin land without human footprints, contains a variety of beasts and poisonous insects, the degree of danger is daunting.


With the development of science and technology, human beings have a strong conquest of this deep mountain jungle. Many teams of explorers have begun to move towards this mysterious and dangerous jungle one after another.


Among these teams, a team of students from the Biology College, relying on their research on various organisms and experience from books, entered the deep mountains and jungles of the Northwest, and began to stimulate biological research and exploration activities.


"Beitanghuo, come and help set up a tent, or there will be no place to sleep in a while."


Lying on the branch of an ancient tree, the pale teenager glanced lazily at his fellow speaker and said disapprovingly, "What kind of tent should I put in? I'd better take a rest and read a book. I don't want to waste such a good chance which is close to nature."


"If you don't come to make a tent, don't come in to sleep. You'll sleep outside."


"I had no intention of sleeping in a tent. I had to sleep in a tree branch so that I could feel the breath of nature." Beitanghuo took a deep breath, felt the fresh breath with a sense of wetness, and said freely.


"Well, your boy has courage. This is not a city. If you are caught in the middle of the night by a venomous animal, don't shout for help!"


Beitanghuo looked at the other side contemptuously, reached out and took out a bottle of green liquid from his arms. He raised his hand and waved and said, "See, this is imported hexagonal insect repellent water. Even the beasts can be expelled. Nothing can enter my body."


As he spoke, he proudly pressed the button above and sprayed it over his body and around him. A strong odor of medicine filled the air around him.


As for Beitanghuo's actions, all of them shook their heads and busied themselves to build tents and set up defensive tools.


Night falls, the sky is dark, and the dark jungle is like a giant beast that can devour everything. These have no influence on Beitanghuo at all. He has no great advantage but courage.


With six-dimentional insect-repellent water in it, Beitanghuo is lying in the tree and sleeping soundly, without any vigilance at all.


"Shashashasha!" When the sky is bright and the moon is shining, the jungle looks more strange. It is tens of meters away from Beitang Fire, and the grass around it is more than one meter tall.


If someone carefully watches at this time, they will see that it is not driven by the wind, but something is moving in it.


The undulating grass rushed towards Beitang fire, and soon came to a place less than ten meters away from him.


There are no high weeds here. Under the moonlight, you can vaguely see a colorful Python like a bucket of thick water. The cold and cruel pupils of the snakes radiate the joy of catching food soon.


The huge coloured Python looks like an ordinary python, but if you look closely, you will find that the coloured Python has two sharp fangs.


Some people with common sense know that pythons generally do not have sharp fangs, but this Python has long and sharp fangs, the stomach looks particularly strong, just like a pregnant woman.


Beitanghuo, lying on the branch, was still sleeping soundly, snoring from time to time, without noticing that a horrible colored Python was creeping towards him.


Coloured pythons twisted their huge bodies and soon came to the trunk where Beitang Fire was located.


If Beitanghuo is awake at this time, he will be surprised to grow his mouth. The six-dimentional insect-repellent water sprayed by himself is totally useless, and smelling the scent of medicine, the coloured Python snake pupils become more vivid.


In the dream, Beitanghuo is washing the sauna, beside which there are two beautiful women massaging gently. The fragrant and comfortable feeling makes it float like a fairy.


Quickly enjoying the endless Beitang fire in his dream, he was awakened by a burst of itching. The feeling of wet itching made him unable to maintain a good dream. He opened his eyes with dissatisfaction and confusion.


At the moment when you open your eyes and see the foreground, the pupil of Beitanghuo enlarges instantly, and your mouth opens big, but you can't make any sound.


The head showed a blank state, the big mouth of the pelvis, the fierce head of the snake echoed in the blank mind.


Before it was too late to make a scream, Beitanghuo's vision was covered by a dark shadow. With a sharp pain, his consciousness slowly sank.


At the moment when the consciousness completely disappeared, Beitanghuo thought of the six-dimentional insect-repellent water he had bought for a thousand yuan, and there was only one idea of grief and indignation in his heart.


"Fake and inferior kills people!"


The coloured Python had a good meal and crawled comfortably back into its nest. I don't know when three eggs the size of two adult fists were born.


As time went on, the three eggs remained the same as before under the care of the colored python, as if they were going to last forever.


"Crack!" "In the morning, the light of the sun shines through the cracks in the leaves of the trees, and the three snake eggs placed by the coloured pythons in the position where they can touch the sun make a crisp noise.


While sleeping, the colorful Python immediately senses the snake's egg's vibration and stares nervously at the three snake's eggs.


Cracks appear on snake eggs. With the passage of time, cracks on snake eggs become more and more, showing a state of dense distribution. It is like glass falling on the ground. When it reaches the limit of endurance, it finally breaks.


"Hoarse!" The first red snake that broke its shell gave out a silky cry. If it could be translated into human language, it would be such a "hoo hoo!" It's bad enough to suffocate Master Ben, who was not killed by a Python and almost died by suffocation.


Listening to some strange voices, the nervous Beitanghuo subconsciously found that things did not seem right, turned his head and looked hard at his body.


"God, are you kidding me? You must be dreaming. Sleep is enough." Beitanghuo looked at his slender red tail and thought of closing his eyes and talking to himself.


"Hoarse!" A strange sound came to Beitanghuo's ear. He was familiar with it. It was the call of snakes.


Beitanghuo opened his eyes in a hurry. A huge coloured Python caught his eye. Although he had only looked at it in a hurry, he recognized it at one glance. It was the coloured python that attacked him at that time.


Looking at the colorful pythons that huff and puff snake letters, Beitanghuo finds that his heart is not too frightened, on the contrary, he feels very close.


"How itchy! Ha ha, how itchy! " Beitanghuo thought that it had not happened that the colored Python wanted to eat itself. Instead, he kept licking his body with snake letter, which made him feel itchy.


Now the mood is not so tense, Beitanghuo some can not believe that the dream is not only very real, but also their own words are no longer human words, all turned into hissing, like, like a snake.


After repeated confirmation and even biting his body with a soft mouth, he finally came to the conclusion that he was shocked that Beitanghuo had regenerated a snake, and that his mother was a bright red snake.


The coloured Python saw the dying appearance of Beitanghuo and stretched out the long snake letter to lick his body.


Beitanghuo was awakened by a burst of itching. Looking at the female snake in front of her, she instinctively felt a touch of kindness.


The care and love contained in that cold vision can be clearly seen as the northern hall fire of a snake.

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